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Katie started to haggle. The outcome was we would take two hundred of these “chess” sets but we had to take eleven cats too. That seemed like a st...ange bargain. Cats had been with man through all of his wanderings in space. Every ship had them to keep the vermin that came on board with cargo under control. I was odd that I hadn’t seen any on the Olakana, maybe it was to filthy even for cats.We stowed and secured the metal and packed the chess games as they came in. They wouldn’t let us leave. I tried to pick out what was different in the load but it was just a swirl of pretty pastels.I loved doing my panty laundry. Every part of the process was arousing. The slippery nylon fabric touching my fingers as I put them in the washers was the start of it all. Then from the washer to the dryer the fabric now translucent and warm from the water added a sensual feel to laundry day. And once out of the dryer there was the warm and the slippery feel while I carefully folded each panty. I missed. Amy forgot to lock the door before changing.Elena: Hi sweetie!Amy: What?Elena: Well, well, well. I’ve never gotten a good look before but you’ve got quite the body.Amy: Elena!Elena: I bet you could bounce a quarter off that ass.Amy: Elena! Keep it down! My dad’s on the other side of the curtain!Elena: Oh shit! Sorry!Elena suddenly pinched Amy’s left nipple.Amy: Elena!Elena: Better keep it down, don’t want your dad to hear do you?Amy: Hey! Cut it out!Elena: But they’re so fun to play with.Me:. Stop it. Ow."Weasel whipped him even harder.Chris said, "Ow. OK, all ready." He started crawling forward on hishands and knees.Weasel continued to whip Chris with the leash. He said, "Piggies don'ttalk. You either grunt or squeal. One grunt for yes, two grunts for no.Understand?" He punctuated his question with a hard swat from the leash."Ow. Yes." Weasel hit him again, several times in rapid succession. "Imean ... grunt."Weasel said, "That'll do, pig." The crowd of frat boys erupted.

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