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She got hold of my legs and zipped them together using 2 cable ties then she did the same with my hands pulling them painfully tight. With the last fe... cable ties she put me into a hogtie and made my hands meet my feet. I was really excited but scared as i didn't know what she was planning. She went out of the room and came back in and pulled the dress up to look what i was wearing seeing my under garments she said "Looks like someone needs to be punished" She then pulled up the bottom of. Maine uske chut me pehle ek ungli daali. Jaisehi maine uski chut ko chhua usne ek siskari chhod di.Main mere left hand se uski gaand ko pakda aur uski chut ki taraf apni zubaan leke gaya. Maine uski chut me apni zubaan daal di. Ab woh jor se siskiyaan bharne lagi. Maine uske pair failaye aur uski chut me puri zubaan daalne ki koshish karne laga.Main ab uski chut ko chaatne laga tha. Uska salty taste mujhe accha lag raha tha. Ab main uskk chut ko pura muh me leke khaane laga aur jor se uski chut. I looked at her and she gave me a wink. “What the fuck?” I thought to myself. Another time, my wife was off to the grocery store and I was laying on the couch watching a baseball game. She came over and was showing me a new necklace, she had gotten. I noticed she was wearing a loose t-shirt. “Do you like my new necklace I got?” she asked. I looked up at her and told her it looked nice on her. She said, “Look closer, look at the detail on the little figures on it! It’s so detailed!” With that,. "It's a surprise, honey," she said kindly."Really? For me?" In part," she told him."When do I get to see it?" he asked."I'd forgotten how much you like surprises," she said with fondness. "You'll get to see it soon, love. When the time is right."***Heath couldn't stand it any longer. He had to try and peek. Waiting until Jenna was safely asleep; he went poking through the closets and cabinets looking for where she might have stashed his surprise. He found nothing. Maybe it really was girl stuff.

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