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She turned toward the young women and pondered for a second. “May I ask you name?” She asked, being hopeful. The reply she received was so faint s...e barely believed she even received a reply. The women cleared her throat and spoke again. “Katie, my name is Katie.” The women spoke, her voice hoarse and shaky. “Nice to meet you, I’m Lucy and again I am so very, very sorry for this.” Lucy smiled, noticing Katie’s features and her natural beauty. “I wish I could say you’re forgiven but you’re far. " Sarah expected a CEO to have better arguments than that. "It is quite simple really, Sarah." He resumed his point. "If you want the promotion you need to give me something in return, and by that I mean that lovely piece of ass of yours." Dwayne boldly stated. "What? Are you fucking serious?" Sarah shouted, outraged. "Do I look like I am kidding?" Dwayne kept his indifferent posture. "This is sexual harassment, I will have you fired and charged for this!" Sarah threatened him. "You can do. Meanwhile the second scene of the porn movie started and another busty lady began to move her curvy body on the TV screen showing pink lingerie and palatable forms. Soon the bra went off and I started to rub my cock with considerable pressure.‘I am going to take a shower and… What are you doing?’ my wife was standing at the door wearing only a black bra and G-string and was staring at me.‘I… well I couldn’t find anything to watch so I switched at the porn channels.’‘Really? And you also are. . submissive. Whatwas going on with me? I started putting his Jeans on when he walked inand laughed. He said I didn't need to wear any trousers and that hisbriefs looked good on me. He then asked why I didn't wear the freshclothes he had left out for me on the bed? I turned BEET RED and wasashamed I hadn't even looked at the bed. Damon smiled and came over tome, put his arm on my shoulder and said it was alright. He gave me a looklike he understood more than he was letting on. I was stammering.

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