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My best friend had been laying there the entire time right next to us, passed out from a drinking competition with me. I chuckled internally momentari...y as I considered the dark idea that I was claiming my prize for victory, but I quickly returned to the main objective. My hand still remained on that which belonged to him; that which he treasured most; and lightly began to caress again. His eyes remained closed and his snoring resumed. My focus returned to the snoring moans I had been so. Karen tapped Dave's arse twice, then bought the cane down three times very hard. Dave screamed each time."Release him," said Jo. "Right, James you next." James had sat there the whole time, opened mouthed, dreading his turn.The procedure was carried out on James as well. Both men now had nine thick red welts on their ass.~~~~"I am going to get you for this," said Dave to Jo. "I am going to fuck you so long and so much tonight, your little pussy will be sore. Come to think of it, I should fuck. They went to the secret passage where Nephi plucked a hair from the top of it, shoved into the crack when she closed it. No one had entered that way.“Well, well, well,” I said, “we have a new member to welcome to the harem. Shetha. We’re all going to love you.”The lamia blushed. “I’m just a lamia, Master.”“No, you’re my lamia,” I said. “That makes you special. You’re one of my slaves, and I love them all. I’m going to breed you, and you’ll have one of my daughters.”“He’s a demigod,” Nephi said.. I wanted them badly. She turned around and in no time our lips met. We kissed and chew each other’s lips. As we were getting hot and lifted her in my arms and moved to the bedroom while smooching. I laid her on the bed. I lay next to her and we both hugged each other and kissed.I told I love u and that I longed for this quite long. Hearing this she looked into my eyes and said I too love u. We kissed. Slowly my hands on her body and my hands moved into her nightie and I unhooked her bra. She.

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