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I agreed, I'd do anything, just about anything to get back in her pussy. After Karen tied me, she started asking questions about anal. Asking if I'd ...ike to try it, and telling me that her husband didn't. I told her that my wife wouldn't let me, and that I'd love to try it. Then in a slow evil voice Karen growled, "GOOD, LETS TRY IT." My cock dripped and throbbed some more. Karen reached into her dresser drawer and grabbed a tube of KY Jelly and put a big dollop on her fingers. I. My wife ( Jan is her name) starts sucking and licking her tits. As she is doing so she spreads her legs even wider putting one in the water and one up on the edge. She starts fingering her pussy with two fingers even faster, I could tell Jan was more turned on that ever. I start wondering now how much did I miss? My cock is aching to get out of my pants so I pull it out and began to stroke myself. Damn! now I'm hotter and more excited than I've ever been, my pre cum is oozing out of me like I. “Sure.”She took his hand and led him up the path to the hilltop with the ancient maple. “This is my favorite place and has been for as long as I can remember. I used to come up here as a kid and when I started to study for the engineering subjects, I frequently came up here to work. I love it up here at every season but especially summer evenings. Just look at the view.” She swept her arm around where the setting sun was still illuminating the peaks to the east and where some thick, white. I was going to secure her ankles as well but decided I wanted her feet and legs free.I straddled a leg and pulled my knee tight against her sex then I began kissing her. As her eyes opened and focused I smiled and kissed her again then placed the eye mask on her, lifting her head to get the elastic in place. As she started to protest I kissed her with my full tongue, hard and aggressive. I whispered into her ear "You're mine, relax and enjoy."I started with small kisses, the tip of her nose, on.

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