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I went out into his living room and turned on his big screen 55 inch tv. I checked to make sure the coast was clear and then put the disk into his DV... player and hit play. There was my brother, sitting on the same couch I was, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. My heart started to race. “I was right!” I thought to myself as I eagerly waited for Lindsay to enter the screen. Part of me should have realized the taboo nature of the fact that I’d also be seeing my brother naked, but honestly. Then I wanted to bury my rock hard cock into her pussy and drive her insane. She stopped pulling me. Fran lifted my head when I was but inches from tasting her nectar. Her fingers were deep in my hair and she held my head up so that we could look into each other’s eyes. “Oh God, Hank. I meant what I said. I do want you. But, please stop. Please?” I could hardly breathe. I was but inches from putting my lips to hers and kissing and sucking her to orgasm. I stopped and took a long deep breath. It. Then he cupped a firm cheek of her ass in each hand and pulled her closer. Bella leaned her head on his shoulder and purred softly into his ear as his hands caressed her back and the hard tube of his cock inside his shorts pressed into her crotch. I wondered how far I should let them go. I knew Ian was getting very aroused, and my daughter wasn’t too far behind. The exciting part of all this, is that my close presence was not detected by them. Right now my sexy and beautiful young daughter was. When we were online, she'd tell me about her day, maybe the way some doctor had said something funny to her, or how much of an asshole one of her patients was (or vice versa - a doctor who was being an asshole, and a patient she adored). We didn't exchange real names, though. There were boundaries to the online relationship that we respected. It was the middle-of-the-afternoon Saturday of the second week, when there was a knock on my door. I was in the middle of playing through a.

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