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Such a lovely girl. Such a sweet pet. Thank you, Sir.Further, pet. My finger is settling on the edge of my lips. Mmm. I am tracing my wet slit. Up, th...n down. Then up. Then down. My finger is so wet.Lick it. Taste it.She does as she is told. She brings her finger to her lips, presses it against them, as if whispering, “Shhh.” She traces her lips with her finger the way she traced the lips of her pussy, gliding along the skin, brushing it, barely touching it. She slides it into her mouth,. Why do you think they go to the same University? To save money? John and I even join them sometimes." She giggled, which sounded weird hearing it out of our mother. "Everyone needs to be sexually released, so why not your own family to help you? The ones who already know and love you? We have always let you two mastubate whenever you want, but now its time for something more."I looked over at Amy, who was busy fingering herself while listening to mom. Man, that girl was always horny. And sexy.. On the sofa, Alison had told me how she loved riding so I shouldn’t have been surprised when she returned with a long whippy riding crop. I took it from her and gave it a few trial swipes. It made a wonderful sound as I whipped it through the air. I felt that I should take the lead. “Alison, strip down to your underwear.” She didn’t move and I wondered if I’d somehow misread the situation. But I carried on. “Now Alison! Don’t make me tell you again,” I instructed her. I flexed the riding. Please ... don’t”“I’m afraid you’ve left me no choice James. You have to be punished.” I pressed the vibrate button.He screeched with the shock of it but his cock was pulsating with pleasure.I had a strong climax as I watched him writhing.Then I slid the curved yellow phallus out of him – we were both sweating and panting for breath.Finally I croaked, “ OK James, I Dare you to come in my mouth.”I took hold of his purple plums as my mouth began working on his cock.He was soon groaning with.

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