With the hot weather and all, I wondered if it would be appropriate to take a chance and choose a sleeveless top. But I decided against it, figuring i... wouldn't flatter me, despite my somewhat slight, five-foot-ten frame.I selected a nice, tight, short-sleeve pink ribbed top to go with the skirt. Next, it was over to the shoe department. I wear size 10 women's shoes, which means the selection is limited. I almost chose a sexy set of three inch heels with straps, but I glanced at my somewhat. He was trying to get the math.I said, "No! Just stay here. I have an idea."Then I called the team to us. Most had had some tutoring from me, and they came over. Now I may not understand football, but I did understand math. When I explained that I wanted to teach them the mathematics of football. Well, that even got the coaches' attention. I was surprised at how quickly all of them caught on to prime numbers when they had to figurer out the ball was going to be hiked on the 4th prime number. The. Then she said u stay back here only today and I agreed and slowly we kissing n went to the room so that no one has doubts in us. She then pretended that she is very tired and all looking at this every is the rest if people said it’s becoming late and started leaving slowly the house became empty in 20 min.As the last person went out I ran n picked her up in my arms kissed her cheeks hard and then pulled her on the bed in the bed room slowly I got on side of her stared in her eyes full of lust. Phir Reshma ne mera lund muh mein liya aur mujhe blowjob dene lagi. Bahot achi feeling ayi dosto. Aisa lag raha tha jise ke koi pro ho lund chusne mein. Phir unhone lagbagh 15 minutes mera lund chusrahi thi aur maine apna sara maal unke he muh mein chod diya.Aur unhone bhi pura pani pi liya. Aur mere taref dekhte hue kaha ke bahot dino baad aisa lund mila hai aj to chodungi nahi tujhe. Maine bhi kaha ye to aj raat ke liye pura lund apka he hai jo chahe woh kijiye ga.Ye sab bate unke pati sun.

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