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I went over to my bag to get a condom turned around to see her licking her cum of her fingers whilst texting with her other hand we started to kiss i could taste her on her lips,she pushed me onto my back and started to move her legs over my body now on top of me moving up and down i could feel her wet pussy rubbing on my stomach i was so ready to see her slowly lowing herself down onto my cock,moving the condom to my mouth to tear the packet she told me she didn't want me to wear one she. Controlling my urges, I was living a good life till one evening some kids broke my bathroom’s window while playing cricket. The window had a tinted glass keeping from anyone seeing in but now it was completely shattered. I made sure to get it repaired next day. Next morning I woke up late than usual so started doing every household chores in a hurry. After cleaning up floor and kitchen shelves I was all sweaty and so I went up for a shower. I went in bathroom and took off my clothes and started. By her leg she started to touch my legs that time I feel like something pass through me I looked at her eyes and she winked at me my body temperature rise then I touched I hand she didnt refuse to took back slowly I pass my hand shoulder and she was wearing nighty and I was getting excited every second both of our body getting hot ( I was watching porn from my eight so by that I gained how to seduce a girls by touch) then I moved my right hand inside the nighty from shoulder and I reached her. The illusion of cleavage pleased me greatly. Over my g-string panties went my figure shaper. At 5'10" and 154pounds I am slim but a little athletic. The body shaperleaves me with the hour glass figure I desire. I gentlypull up my 10 denier sheer black stockings and slip on my4" pumps.Before my shoulder length wig I choose my first outfit - ashort tight black skirt with a figure hugging white polotop. I always apply my nails after my wig to prevent 'nailglue in hair' syndrome, and tonight was no.

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