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We both needed that.” And then her eyelids fluttered coquettishly and blew away all left-over inhibitions. “I fear I’ll be needing proper punish...ent again in the future. It’s how I am. I’m a troublemaker.” Her smile was sweet. She looked adorable. I didn’t want to feel like this. She was my lodger, and a girl too. She stood up and slowly crossed the living room, but she still held up her skirt and presented me with her backside, red and shiny from the spanking, incredibly pretty. “Oops.”. She struggled with renewed vigor but with just one hand her father shoved her face deeper into the chair cushions. Her screams were a muffled whine.It hurt so much. Her pussy was being ripped open for the first time. She’d never even penetrated herself with her own fingers. This was unbearable. “Oh baby, you are so tight.” He spanked her numb ass and she clenched up. “Don’t worry, I’ll be slow. Daddy knows it’s your first time.”His slow thrusts were of little help. He was driving his cock so. "Your car is here, Sir," he said. I smiled and thanked him."I am impressed," said Cora and we headed for the door. As we got there Cora paused and swept her scarf up across her face."Is that necessary?" I said."Oh, yes. The Kushtian Council is trying to be as open as possible to western ideas but people still expect an unmarried woman to be veiled, especially in the presence of a married man such as the Minister. It's not really a religious thing as I understand it — it's more that the Kushtian. Sue got up suddenly and tried to run but the Shepherd andthe other 2 dogs immediately knocked her down and snarled their teeth at her.She froze. The pit bull allowed me to get up and knowing what he wanted I removed my pants. Sue saw me. "What are you doing"? "Honey these dogs obviouslywant something. I hope they will focus on me and leave you alone". I then tookmy underwear off. I turned away from Sue so she wouldn't see I had a hard-on.Once I got down the pit bull mounted me and started to.

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