Karen took complete charge of the reins of student government, although she did manage to accidentally miss a meeting or two so that Julie had to run ...he show. My new job? Assistant (unpaid) student football coach. I showed up for fall football practice to get a jump on inputting the stats, and the newly hired coach excitedly showed me a play he'd drawn up. I explained to him why it wouldn't work with the guys at our school (too slow, for one thing; too stupid, for another), and I found myself. Well thats the image you're going to help me portray tonight, as you're my office secretary...." He began playing with my hair, and his hand reached on to my thigh again. "I could tie you up in here, and do anything I wanted all night, but I can do that anytime. You thought you'd gotten away with it at school today, I couldn't force myself on you because of that damned lube that Jodie had filled you with, but I could see how much you hated being flirty with another man. Being forced in to. MINE!!!My heart's about to jump out of my chest. He wraps his arms around me and he begins respond to my movements grinding his hips against me. Yeah, I can totally feel his cock now. He wants me, too. HE WANTS M-E!"Oh god!"Our gazes lock and he must see the unashamed lust because he leans and kisses me. Our lips mash together. It feels better than anything else in my life. I moan and open my mouth, inviting him in. I'm tracing the contour of his lips with the tip of my tongue, ready to shove. When I was alone lying on my bench and imagining about fucking raida in all her holes …Suddenly someone tapped on my shoulders……I have jolted awake and stood up right.Showing my boner. It was raida nd she smiled looking at my boner. She said “I had a good time” and I said “me too your a good kisser,” she said “thanks ” and came and sat in my laps again with a twinkle in her eye and she started kissing me….Our tongues rolled against each other saliva passing among them….And then I slowly placed.

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