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I've laid in bed next to Katie on many sleep overs and fantasized about sneaking into Suzanne's bedroom and giving her a night of delight. When she an... her husband Mike split up and she started working a corporate job. She became even hotter, always coming in wearing a tight business suit and heels. So, one week things got crazy at my house and Suzanne told me I could spend a Friday off school at their place while Katie went to work. Katie left around 2 and wouldn't be back until after. Her oversizedsaddlebag ass now joined her oversized balloon orbs in the elegant bouncingand swaying. She then, without warning, did fifteen jumping jacks. The fatshook. The walls shook. The room shook. The vibrations of ecstacy...I, by this point, was in heat. I had the most massive hard-on and was all butready to explode. She noticed my fevered state."Was’ a’ matter, big boy?" she laughed. Her double chin now bouncing incomplete rhythmic synchronization with her breasts and buttocks.I lost. Over dinner I'd receive the silent treatment, before he'd clean his plate and leave me alone once more. Boy, I had really made a mess of things. I was mad at Kyle, but even madder at myself. All my intentions had been so good, and now here I was feeling the worst I had in my entire life. If possible, I felt lower than I had during my divorce. I tried to engage Kyle in conversation on a few occasions, but he'd either waive me off or ignore me completely. Almost every evening, I'd cry myself to. " He continued to explain the lengthy process."Well, I'm really not able to make up the quiz today," Tayler admitted. "Is there any way that you could make an exception?"Mister Jackson was quick to tell her that, while he liked her work ethic and that she was a good student, he was not able to bend the rules just because her schedule was busy that day."Mister Jackson, is it true that you're getting a divorce?" Tayler asked, completely changing the subject."What? I don't see how that has to do.

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