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Now we waited.Within a matter of minutes one Bidder was back with the credsticks to take possession of the Simsense chips. As he was leaving another s...owed up to do the same thing with some of the military data. It took less than two hours for all of the buyers to return with the necessary number of credsticks to conclude the transfer of the chips. As each of them left we passed the credsticks off to someone else so that we never had any money in the room with us. When the sales had been. Casey and Kiva watched from Kiva’s bedroom window.“He’s so cute,” Kiva said.Casey sighed. The glass in front if her fogged up. “I know.”It was Tuesday afternoon. Ethan walked up the front walk to the door of Kiva’s house. There was no car in the driveway. That was a good sign. He was sure Colleen’s husband would not be too thrilled to know that he was coming over to have sex with his wife. He knocked and waited, watching the neighborhood.The door opened and he turned back, expecting to see. ’ Michael continued the steady pace and ran his hand down Liz’s side as she gently kissed him on the shoulder and rolled her eyes. The door to the apartment was unlocked and her bedroom door was open slightly, which meant that if Ron, her roommate and Michael’s work partner, came home, he could catch them in the middle of their love act, but that didn’t bother her. She loved to feel Michael inside of her, loved to feel his lips on her skin, his breath and his touch. Her sensation went higher. Just thought I’d check your number. Eila XX.’ I wrote straight back – ‘A shame we couldn’t find a sooner time. Hopefully the wait will be well worth it. You got the right number ,-) XX’ So the week passed. I couldn’t go to see her in the shop as I was working and I decided to do a simple soufflé for our lunch together with individual apple charlottes for pudding. Nice and easy but pleasing on the eye at the same time. At least I hoped she’d find them pleasing. I’d wanted to send her several SMS.

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