I rolled over on my back and put my legs in the air. He stood at the foot of the bed, stroking his dick, looking unsure. "Use lots and lots of lube ... said. Don't be scared" He poured on the lube and then squirted some in my little asshole.I felt him push the head of his cock against my sphincter, I pushed out and made it relax and his cock slid in. He squeezed his eyes closed and talked about how hot it was.He started fucking and I held my heels in the air and relaxed as he fucked my ass. She kneeled before me and brought down my shorts and boxer to my knees. She touched my tired penis in her soft hands, which sent the shock through my body. She touched the tip of my penis with her tongue and circled it. She jerked my penis with her hand till it got erect and said that it’s my turn now to tease you.Now my penis was erect and standing still. Sanjana was circling the head of my penis with her tongue and licked all over the penis and my balls. She was licking my penis like a. She moaned louder and louder, and this got him hard as a rock. She must have seen this because the next thing he knew she had him on his back and was viciously sucking on his cock. He loved it so much that he too began to moan loudly.This turned her on so she sucked harder. Her head bobbed up and down so fast and hard her neck began to hurt. So she let go of his cock and turned to him.“Have you ever had intercourse before?” He shook his head. She began to get wetter. “Then hang on for a. It was a little awkward. Then suddenly, he was sitting right in front of me. I stared into those beautiful eyes. He leaned his face closer and his lips finally touched mine again. Just lightly, but it meant so much. Soft kisses became more as our tongues finally found each other. Slipping gently over the other. Taking my breath away. We continued to kiss for an eternity it seemed. I could have kissed him forever. When our lips took a moment to part, we passed soft ‘I love yous’ between each.

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