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He started licking my face, my neck, my shoulder, my breast and my nipples. I went mad in pleasure. I immediately took of his jeans and his under wear... I started sucking his penis like a hungry little baby. I stroked his penis while sucking him and his balls. He was just caressing my breast and slowly moving his hip up and down. I increased my speed and he cummed in my mouth. I drank all his semen. Little bit semen was left on my lips. He said your breast is too sexy and irresistible. So I held. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Groaned the Sister- and -Brotherhood as they caressed the newborn members to their coven, inhaling the sweet aroma of fresh cum with avid eagerness."Behold!" Sister Bridget intoned as she stood carefully with the chalice, ensuring not a drop spilled from its bejewelled rim, and took a deep breath as all eyes turned upon her. She placed it on her son's lips and said; "drink deep and share with us, beloved son."Jimmy peered at the bloody froth and took a mouthful, rolling it. Then I said, "O.K. Forget the $200. If I hit the shot, You'll pay up the $100 and one of you can suck my cock! Right? And, if I miss the shot, I'll pay up the $200 and suck the cock of every guy in this room! How does THAT sound?"There was a nervous laugh from all of them but they were looking at the same table I was and it clearly showed a very tough shot to make. One by one they nodded in agreement. Then they tensed up, arms folded, biting their lips, narrowing their eyes while I lined up my. “Maybe it’s because I have a daughter or something and that’s why I like the kind of porn that’s really really kinky, it’s called moms teaching teens. I love watching moms teach their little girls how to suck dick, it’s so fucking hot.” I said not realizing that he may not like that, but then I felt his pants move because of his dick. “Oh, god I know, I also like watching the mom teach her how to take a dick too.” He said making me get really really dizzy from being horny.“I also like watching.

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