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I haven't seen her since she changed tubes on the cow this afternoon." Sue replied.Gina had noticed that Sarah, who was dressed in blue, was also ahalf-cup bra and not just the blue stockings and heels. Sammy who was dressed in black also wore a half-cup bra. Sue was also wearing a bra and was dressed ingreen."Master." Gina said."Yes Gina?" Should I have put on a bra just like the others?" Yes, Gina you should have but I failed to tell you that, so it isn't your fault. The rule is any. She did not talk about what had happened that night. She acted like she had not Let Khan fuck her or had actually been fucking him back in front of me. I couldn't get it out of my mind. At night as I lay there beside her all I could think of was watching her fucking Khan. I could still see her spread out willingly in front him, being mounted. It excited me and I wanted more of it.A few nights later in which we once did not have sex, the first time that ever happened, I pulled her towards me as. "I might not be able to control what Daddy does to me, but you are a different story. If you want to continue getting your rocks off with me you had better start treating me better." She twisted his ball sack getting him to rise to his tip toes. "If you want me to make your dick cum then you had better start treating my pussy the way it deserves to be treated. Understand?" She emphasized the last with another tug on his testicles."Yes. I'm sorry. Whatever you say Jill. I'm sorry." He panted. ”“Well,” she said in a tiny little voice.“Kind of sneaky. You could’ve asked.”“I know. But I was afraid you’d think it was about money. It’s not. Really. I have my own.”“Your own...” I repeated.“Yes. I work. I save. I may not be able to quit and drop out of society just yet, but I pay my way.”“What were you worried about? That I was a bum?”“I dunno. Just didn’t add up. The boat? I don’t know enough about boats to put numbers on Dorable. But your house. Your vehicle...”“And my million-dollar.

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