After ten minutes you would go to the bathroom as instructed again, this time removingthe tights, returning to looks from customers of amused bewilder...ent at why on earthyou would be losing your tights in the middle of winter in a bookshop. The suppressedgiggle, the muttering. That soft stroke of humiliation as you wait, anticipating whatis to follow. The whispered chuckles of those watching you, you wondering which I am.You blush a little, conscious you are wet, embarrassed that this whole. .. Apollo and Artemis,the bright and dark, the yang and yin..." What's that?"So he started talking about the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis, twinbrother and sister, the gods of the sun and moon, daytime and night."Apollo was like the best musician in the world, he played the lutelike nobody's business. A lute was like an old-time harp or guitar orsomething. All the girls fell for him, and he got plenty of tail. Well,not all of them, there was Daphne who ran away from him, and he chasedher,. The table wasset and Tony was just putting the food out, I went to the fridge got outa bottle of Champagne and two glasses, "I thought we could celebrate ournew lives" I smiled as I passed him the bottle to open, the cork poppedand he poured out 2 glasses he handed me one and picking up the secondmade a simple toast "to our new lives" I echoed this and we sat down toeat.We ate in silence for a while then Tony asked me if I had any regrets, asI was still revelling in my gorgeous new feminine. I sucked her both nipples and bit them badly. They were marked red than.Then I went down n kissed her navel for 5 mins. She was literally shivering by my touch at her navel. She was pressing my head and continuously moaning, “ohh yes ..Come on my darling”. I was a bit hesitating in that but as I had promised to satisfy her I went. I sucked her pussy for about 15 mins and she unloaded her juices on my face. It felt bitter. I went into washroom and washed my face. When I came out I saw her giving.

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