Deal?" Why did you have me open the card first? Whatever's in the box can't possibly compare to that." You sure? Just hang up and open it."She wanted ...o argue, wondering why he was so insistent upon her hanging up first, but decided to let it slide. "Okay. I love you." Love you too. Bye, baby."Visions of sunning herself on a Hawaiian beach still running through her head, she hung up the phone and went to work on the wrapping paper. Within the festive wrap was another layer of plain brown paper,. Sowmya felt nervous, and was getting anxious with all the waiting but headed in their room to get fresh. Sowmya took a bath and changed into something comfortable. She kept the meeting in mind and decided to dress wisely. She chose a silk skirt and a halter neck top. The skirt was of a bluish shade and was just above her knee length, complementing her legs beautifully. The white satin top too had a deep cut at the neck, exposing her cleavage. She was ready quickly and started watching TV while. . good it felt.“See? You like it. Now we can either do this the easy way or the hard way but the fact is, my black cock is going inside your ass.”I pleaded my case with tears in my eyes one last time, “Please don’t! It will hurt too much.”“You’ll learn to love it.”I then felt him rubbing his massive cockhead around my tight pink hole. It sent shivers throughout my entire body. I felt an enormous amount of pressure and then a pop. The pain was indescribable. It felt like my ass was on fire and. Jennifer,who was dutifully covering my duties at the office. "How's my littleBethany doing about now?" uttered Jenn. "And where is the account numberfor ordering supplies at Office Depot? Oh, that's the phone hold on..." Icouldn't help but smile as Ms. Jennifer was learning that my job as hersecretary was not so easy after all.Part 23By now two months have passed since my surgeries, and I'm now completelyhealed and completely female!!!! What a WONDERFUL RELIEF to know thatthis whole transition,.

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