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Her empathic sense finally told her that she was not fighting just the Darkness but Jason himself as well.She shuddered as she realized the extent of ...he corruption. The Darkness had turned his own logical mind against itself. She imagined it had worn away at his will by making its alien thoughts seem as logical as possible, tricking him into believing they were his own."Jason, you have to help me!" Cassie cried. "I can't do this if you keep fighting me!" I need no rescue," said Jason in his. Then he started to tell them that after tonight he was going to pimp me out and make some good money. I recall one of the guys saying that as pretty as I was that I should bring top dollar. I tried to hard not to cry, but the tears began to flow. Fortunately, Mike was busy as the other end of me and couldn’t see them, but I knew that as soon as he was done, I had better not be crying. I guess doing me in front of his buddies turned him on because he dumped his seed into me quicker than usual.. She nodded with a small smile. “My name is Kurtz… where my parents got that name from I have no idea” I said truthfully. She giggled. She nurtured me some more for the night and left again. The next night I decided to make my move. “So does your dad know your sneaking food and water to the prisoner every night?” I asked when she entered. She looked a little scared and shook her head. “Well then, why are you feeding the prisoner?” I asked with a smirk. It was hard to see through the night and. I woke about 4 am and she was not in bed with me. I went to the family room and they were sleeping on a pull-out. They were both lying there naked and I could see his cock in the moonlight. it was pretty big for a little guy and she was covered with dried cum. I wanted to eat her but again didn't want to drive him off. I looked closely at his cock and it was still a bit plump.I sniffed at it and then he pulled my head to his crotch. to this day I don't know if he did this while asleep or if it.

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