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“I would be happy to return the favor.” “Well, maybe a bit later,” said Ashley. “I am feeling a bit left out though. You two have already go...ten off 4 times tonight, and me only twice.” “She speaks the truth,” said Lauren. She got up from the bed and pulled me up with her, Sara did the same with Ashley. “And you two are the only ones still with any clothes on. I think it is time to resolve both those issues.” Lauren walked around to one side of me, Sara to one side of Ashley. Lauren hooked her. At that time there was nobody in my compartment. I finished my dinner and it was getting darker outside. The lights were switched on. As the train halted at various stations, passengers got in & started occupying their seats. After about two hours a lady, a young girl and a boy came & occupied the seats just opposite to me. I was getting ready for sleep. But because of the noise I couldn’t sleep and when I saw, these people were settling their luggage properly. As it was off-season there were. "I pursed my lips and pressed them lightly against the head of his cock while the camera recorded my humiliation. I looked down at the impossibly long shaft spanning the distance between us and fought back the terror. What he was going to ask of me just didn't seem like something I was going to be physically able to do.My mind slipped back to how impressed I was when we were dancing and I felt him rubbing this thing against my belly. It isn't that I don't like a nice hard cock. I do. It isn't. Deeper than before. Almost to the third knuckle.Whispering into my ear..."You love it. You like having something in your ass."Turning to face him..."Yes. It feels so good." I moved my ass to meet his hand as he continued to move his fingers in and out of me.He locked me in his gaze. A third joined the two fingers already in me. Staring into his eyes as he fucked my ass with his fingers."More?" is there more?" I think you want more." His hard cock was rubbing against my hip. I moved my hand and.

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