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"The first actions are all scripted. You have to go through them to advance the story. Try Attack."Jackson did. He swung his sword at her like a retar...ed kid with poor motor function and Suraimo easily stepped out of the way."This is the part where I taunt your slow swing," Suraimo said.And give him a grope for good measure, Jackson thought as a tentacle wound up his legs and tickled his balls."The story has advanced. Now attack again."Jackson lunged forwards and drove his sword right through. Although the surrounding view was a mass of sickening gore, there was not one person in the battlefield that carried himself so nonchalantly as Zax, while looking like a ghastly red devil that spawned right out of hell.Zax rubbed his fingers and then waved his right hand, trying to get rid of some of the sticky blood and mushy meat. Usually such state did not disturb him that much that he could not wait to find suitable means to clean himself, but the insides of the Black Chrome Alligator. Keesan, Daniel Swift is on the phone asking if his daughter has arrived."Before Willard could answer, Kristen took charge. "Forward Daddy's call to this room. I'll talk to him."The secretary was surprised, and looked at Mr. Keesan, who simply shrugged.As I said, this was the side of Kristen that I didn't get to witness very often: "take charge and ambush" or "overwhelm and conquer." There was a side of her that was ruthless when confronting a situation that she didn't like.The phone buzzed a. Then he asks me, baby you wanna fuck me? And I say O yeah.Since we were fucking nonstop for so long both our cock’s started getting soft. So since he was on top of me, I take my right hand, hold both our cock’s together and start stroking them together and tell him, baby make love to me. He comes towards me and both our lips stick like glue, moaning in pleasure and within 2 minutes, our cock’s turn to rock. We switch positions, since I like missionary, he sleeps on the bed and I climb over him..

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