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I was relieved at first when he finally spoke and then slightly embarrassed at his words. ‘You do this every night.’ His voice was warm and low a rough edge to it and always reminded me of lava and honey, way too hot with a smooth sweetness that was a balm to my ears. Now, though, it caused me some distress. I realized that he was right. It had become my habit to sit out here and listen to the radio, usually old country songs and always the classics, drinking a cold beer or two and. ‘Go… fuck… yourself…’ her voice was small, but determined. Robert’s face hardened. He raised his pistol. Just then, the door opened. Two young men ran in, stopping dead when they saw what was going on. The first was tall and dark-haired, Kay saw, an extraordinarily handsome young man with deep, caring blue eyes. It was nice, looking at those eyes, she thought. She could get lost in them… just lost and never come back. The second young man, the brown-haired one, was standing beside her daughter.. I stepped away and gave my b*o a little heads up at the chicks place to warn him and give myself a time frame on how long I can flirt.I ended up talking about all things under the sun and made mention that it was nice to see her around so much. I talked about my mom and how she is single and how it was hard for her to date too. I also mentioned it must be nice to come to the frat house and have all the guys waiting with thier tongues out whenever she came by. Obviously, the conversation turned. She'd pulled him into the closet and began making out with him afterthey'd only been at the party for a few minutes, even though he'd alreadyfucked her in his car after they parked out front before they came in. Hereached around her as he pushed into her wet pussy, staring at herperfect ass while he felt up her huge, soft tits.Something felt weird. James couldn't tell exactly what it was, but hefelt tingly all the sudden. His shirt felt tight, and his nipples feltreally warm and kind of cold..

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