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Back came my smile! Jason stood up to leave. See you guys later, he said. Ive got other things to do. You sure? I asked, adjusting a growing boner of ...y own. Yeah. Just let me know if you guys want to do anything later. I wondered if he meant that to have a double meaning, and I decided he did because Jason smirked as he left the room. I had no idea where the housekeeper, Naomi, was, so I couldnt jump Tylers bones right there on the couch the way I wanted. Instead, I jumped up and lifted Tyler. Ok. That's cool." I was floundering and I knew it. "I'll see you around. It may not be for a while though, unless Stevie has a hot friend I can double date with..."Oops. Drink had loosened my tongue. I hadn't intended to say all of that out loud. Charlotte looked at me as though seeing me for the first time. "You're bi? AJ never said. I thought you were being a really cool straight mate." He doesn't know. I couldn't tell him while he was single. He..." I know. Wanna get that taxi?"I was. That way, yourmanager is working with you, not against you. And you will need to makethe same kind of deal with your chef." Oh, I thought getting a chef out of one of the culinary schools wouldbe much cheaper," Bill said."It would be," Maria noted. "But only one of any two would be able torun a place that young, and those that are good would be gone in a yearor two and you are left looking for someone new. And that would mean anew menu, and a new style of cooking, just as people were getting. Sat at the last seat against the window and opened her clenched fist wrapped around the note.She straightened the paper and began to read:- "Dear Nanci, I truly hope you are reading this. You really gave us a show last night, you dirty slut!I really enjoyed spanking that nasty pussy of yours and that sweet round ass... Cumming in those holes was the highlight of the night for me... the other guys I am pretty sure felt the same way. Even the girls enjoyed humiliating the hell out of you... Oh,.

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