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‘My dears,’ he said to the gathering in general, searching people’s eyes to ensure no-one escaped his moment. ‘If you care to follow me into t...e next room, dinner is served’. With that, he grasped Grace’s hand and pulled her along with him, almost making her stumble as he hurried into his sumptuous dining room. People followed, one by one taking their seats at the large, smoked glass table, until Grace realised with a slight start that the blonde had slid onto the glass chair next to hers.. She was holding a breath, about to shout at him, when she realized he was still asleep. She let the breath dribble out of her mouth in a low pitched moan as she raised her leg again, trying to open up her pussy and ease the ache in her loins. Her uncle's arm moved and draped across her waist as she lifted her arm. His arm pulled her close to him and she let her hand drop on his hip. It was through that hand that she felt the muscles of his buttocks tense and she knew he was going to thrust. We had such a laugh. At one point I joked that we reckoned they were a couple of swingers. This was refuted by Sara but Mark laughed and said “ I would”. I said I would too but Vicky would never. Sara called us a couple of dirty old men and said it would never happen.We went home pretty drunk and after putting the k**s to bed we climbed in bed ourselves. Despite being about 2:30 am, I was as horny as hell. We had fantastic sex as I thought about how Mark had dry humped Vicky during one of the. When they had completed that task I told them to take one step back then strip and place all their clothes in a second pile. I had to make the statement that it included bras and panties.When they finished I pulled the cart of towels to them then told them to turn around. "Here is a wash cloth to wash with, a hand towel to dry your hair with and a bath towel to dry off with. You and your partner will be in a shower together, you scrub your self then you scrub your partner. You wash your hair.

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