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I traveled a lot still and began taking Crawford with me. Between her and Kogoro, I stayed organized - although my trips were never as much fun as tra...eling with Anzu and Ryou had been.The summer passed without me taking much notice. The only bright spot was Mokuba's 15th birthday; I took twenty of his 'closest' friends to a ski chalet in Colorado where they proceeded to spend a week doing things on grass that should be done on snow. I was glad to see my brother enjoy himself and even spent. You're really big on top. And beautiful, too." Well, you might as well have a preview," as I reached across my midriff and pulled off my tee. My nipples were swollen and rock-hard. "Hope you're not disappointed." "Oh, Alex, you are beautiful and your breasts are perfect." "They are nice, aren't they? Let's go shower."So, Tom got the water nice and warm and had stripped down to skin and his most interesting part was pointing directly at me. "Wow, my brother is really well-hung. We do make a nice. Nervously I kissed my way further down, expecting her, at any moment to say “that’s enough”. She didn’t. I was running my tongue across her pubic mound just above her tiny panties she smelt wonderful. I could not resist, slipping her panties to the side. I ran my tongue through my sisters puffy pussy lips.She was wet and tasted delicious I licked her from the top of her slit just below the little triangle of hair all the way down her smooth shaved lips to her rosebud ass and back. Jenny rocked. I nearly thought I pressed a wrong button, but then she calmly stood up and came to me."Thank you," she said before she encased her arms around me. "Your welcome," I stated, returning the favor.We held each other for a moment, but said nothing after that.'Shit, shit, shit, my panties completely soaked, and I think some juice might be leaking off the chair too. Damn, this sensual young woman is doing things to me. Crap, what if I act on my desires and I mess things up with everyone in this.

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