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It looked so erotic looking down at her. I felt her tongue probing my cunt. She did some things with her tongue that drove me crazy. I had to place my...hands on the walls to keep from falling and soon I started to feel the rise of my second orgasm.I assumed that after making me cum Odette was finished with me and would allow me to get dressed, but she turned me around. I had to place my hands on the wall in front of me, as she made me bend forward, causing my butt to stick out. Then she placed. "Oh no my little pet, this is my game. No rushing" she whispered beforepinching my enflamed nipple and causing me to gasp in the sudden lightpain. Before I could take a breath her lips covered mine and she kissedme as warmth spread out over my chest. Whimpering in desire I wished formore to be able to share with her, my breasts too small for what Idesired in my imagination.Veronica moved slowly up along my body, her legs and knees pushing higherand higher. I could feel the wet slickness of. I know it sounds wierd, but we're just a couple middle aged guys having fun! If you would, I'd give you half, which is $20, and I have it here!" holding out a twenty. She just kind of giggled and said "Are you fucking serious? Did Jen put you up to this? That Bitch!" I laughed and said no, I was serious and if she wasn't into it, it was cool. So she said "I'll tell you what, give me the whole 40 bucks and they're yours! You're going to be out 40 bucks anyways if I don't give them to you, so why. “Get her lose” he heard Paul say and the spreader bar was removed from her wrists and ankles. She was relieved to stretch into a more comfortable position. Her relief was short-lived as she was carried out to the yard and felt her wrists and ankles being tied with rope. She felt herself being staked out spread-eagle in the grass. She was even less relieved when she felt her knees spread further apart and stakes driven into the ground on the inside of her thighs to keep her legs spread very.

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