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My body convulsed as I was overcome with the bliss of being so horny I would have done anything to achieve release. This is how my second day of being...Mindfucked.I had lost track of time between the numerous sessions of torture, I hadn't seen or heard El since the first day. My only contact was with people moving me, strapping me into the fucking machine and blasting me with cold water once I had been taken out. I hadn't had any real food but I was never hungry or thirsty, I was left to soil. She jerked and squealed "Noooo!" Patraised her arm again. SPLAT! Carries cheeks juddered as my belt bit into herarse and a muffled moan came from the pillow Carrie had buried her head into. There was no method to the whipping she took then. Pat brought the belt downhard and fast, not pausing between strokes. Carrie gurgled and moaned and wailedand writhed in agony. Her bottom blazed red and hot. Some of the shots nippedin between her spread cheeks and onto her exposed pussy. These produced. She saw his firm broad shoulders and strong legs and felt a rush of excitement. John stepped forward, pulled emma towards him and kissed her softly whilst his hands explored her slim waist and firm arse. He ran his hands over her pussy and began gently stroking Emma's clit. He placed her hands on his crotch so she could feel his errection and know he was going to fuck her. The touch of John lips on Emma's neck made her skin tingle and the way he teased and caressed her pussy was making her hot. It's how you play the game. Do you see?"I did see! I was so relieved that I wanted to run into the other room, crawl up into dad's lap and cover his face with kisses. But now I understand that would be a mistake. It's too soon. And he has something planned. I know that now, too.Mom saw the understanding and the relief on my face and hugged me again. She said, "I'm sorry, baby. Somehow I thought you'd understand. I don't know why I thought that. It just seemed as though you four kids and your.

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