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"I saw Emma checking out Ms. Lewis' jugs, but she refrained from feeling them, so I knew she was committed to making Ms. Lewis make the first move. I ...raised her for that and felt even more loved by her too.Whether she jolted or moved ever so slowly, I knew she was enjoying herself and loving every second of it too. She kept her eyes on me for the most part, but couldn't turn down the treat of seeing Ms. Lewis' rocking body up close.I failed to take advantage of that because I was too busy. I had never had a real conversation with this man and he made my panties wet. What the fuck was wrong with me?One spring evening, he came to the station like usual. I walked outside when I heard the bell to see him leaning against his pickup, talking to someone standing on the other side. I looked over to see Steve, one of the locals. He leaned forward and said hello and I returned his greeting. Rick looked at me and asked "Why don't you ever tell me hello?". I felt my chest get hot as my. Griselda’s hands held the device in place as she moved in strong steady movements. Her mistress’s head thrashed as far as her restraints permitted as the two of them again strove to reach mutual pleasure. I watched their coupling with amazement. I had never been aware that women undertook such practices. I had been vaguely aware of the use of a dildo for a lady to obtain personal relief but this was beyond my wildest surmising. Eventually the two were sated of their amusement. Griselda withdrew. ” Barked Candy, ruining my fun.“Yeah, you know the rules. If you’re hard up go fuck the slut in the other room.” Said Steve’s friend Rick, standing a few feet away.“I want to see the slut in the other room, please take me with you.” I said begging like the little slut I am.“Yeah, sounds good, let’s go slut. You can watch Chuck and me pound that little faggots ass.” Said the the guy brave enough to grab my tits.Candy shrugged and invited herself along. I should’ve known she was gonna watch me.

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