" I finished for him. "As I'm sure you are now aware, my relationship with my father is unusual." Frankly, I would say it borders on the abusive." I w...uld prefer that you not pursue that." It is not my option to ignore signs of abuse." He pointed out."And I would ask that you understand that the Kaiba family is not like other families. My father is somewhat stricter than others and he will react badly if he thinks he's being ... criticized."The headmaster hesitated and then looked at me. ”Dad picked up the telephone and dialed zero. A moment later he asked, “Do you carry Champaign…yes…yes…sure add the strawberries…and a can of whipped cream too.”When he hung up, Mom just buried her face in the pillow.Then Dad said, “Strip and spread. I haven’t gotten my picture of your big hole yet.”Mom blurted out, “Big hole my ass…”Before she could finish her sentence Dad said, “Exactly.”Mom stood up and undressed as she called Dad a bastard, a son of o bitch, and a sex maniac.”Dad said, “You. Another pint of real ale arrived, helping to take the edge off my melancholia though I found myself longing for 'Paul's entertainment' to arrive, whilst furtively checking my phone every few minutes for word from the girl's. Lisa did not disappoint: sitting down eating, a chinese elvis impersonator is singing lol.The message was accompanied by a waist-up photo of Emily in a smart blue collared shirt. I was kind of relieved she wasn't flauting herself in something ultra-revealing, my. Aur thapr marke apni hath meri upper thighs pe rak ke boli “aag bujhi kaisi line hai. Me koi sex maniac lgti hu tuje”“Ab jati to roz tu hi hai apne bf kr ghar. Roz roz karegi to sex maniac hi hui na” Who thodi der chup rhi fir sarmate hue boli“Roz roz kaha krti hu. Usse hota hi nahi hai” “kya baat kar rhi hai. Itni masst maal use roz milti hai aur who karta nhi hai. Kya chutiya bf mila hai tujhe” “sahi me.. me b yahi sochti hu” who halke se haste hue boli. Uske hath abi b mere thighs pe.

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