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My hands were sweating and my head pounding like a drum as I hit enter. I was panting in anticipated excitement as pre-cum poured out coating my dick,...not believing what I had just done. A ding sounded in the back ground indicating my message had been received. Then I saw it appear on the screen. A whole bunch of the viewers agreed and started request the same thing. I heard a chuckle come from off camera from Jamal and knew he had read my message. What had I done? "Somebody really special. They teased him for a while, gyrating and moving their booty in front of his face and making to drop their knickers. Just as Ted concluded that they had reached the climax of their show, the girls stood in a semi-circle around him and slowly lowered their panties. All three had little strips of pubic hair, neatly trimmed, revealing their moist, pink labia. Still parading around him the girls moved even closer, touching themselves, licking their fingers and exposing the glistening flesh of. I saw his face, he exermined my wifes body extensivley and started to smile, then he said to my wife you don't need to hide with that cute body, alright let's enter the sauna.He opened the turkish bath door for us and said I guess we are lucky, it looks like we have the bath for us allone.The steam inside the bath was tremendous, he led us through a foggy area, he sat far away from us inside a impenetrable steam cloud, I was sitting next to my wife.He started to talk with my wife, he said that. I finished my smoke and grabbed the poppers, sniffing deeply as she told me what a pathetic loser I was and how I should stop jerking off for a minute and finger my ass. I did as I was told and reached under me and slid two fingers up my juicy ass. She told me to tell her what I was doing and after I did, told me to say out loud what a sissy faggot I was for fingering my ass in public. I was quite vocal, and as I was telling her what a sissy faggot I was I heard muffled laughter outside the.

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