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Accordingly, I awoke to my own internal alarm clock on Sunday morning at eight a.m., six hours after we’d turned out the light.I crept out of bed, g...abbed some sweats, and then left the bedroom. The house was very still. I remember thinking of that line from The Christmas Story – ‘not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.’ I went into the kitchen and made some coffee, and had bagel and cream cheese. I looked longingly at the pool, but I’d closed it up for the season. I noted that the. How it felt when Michael was pounding into me, thrusting so hard and fast that I couldn’t tell when he was in me or out. When we had lain there, barely moving and he teased me with his cock, pushing so far in and staying there so that I felt very full, so complete, stretched and loved, then pulling out so only the tip of his head penetrated my folds and waiting again, until I almost cried out with the longing and desire to be full of him again. When I rode him, letting him caress my tits, as I. Very very nice. Bigger than I thought.” She began stroking my cock, while looking me directly in the eye. “Well, professor,” she said with a grin, “it took me thirty years, but I finally have you where I want you. Naked and hard.” She then motioned for me to sit back on the seat and she slid around to kneel between my legs. When I tried to sit up, she put a perfectly manicured fingernail in my chest and pushed me back against the seat. “This first one is on me,” she said. She. You need the challenge of difficult tasks. Do you want to please me, boy?" He nodded eagerly and I quickly offered him my sex. "Pleasure me, boy, and do it right or I'll paddle you until your cock falls off." Desperately he buried his head in my sex and his tongue found my opening. He was no expert, but he was passable. I felt my juices stirring and dripping on his face. I knelt on the bed over his face so he could reach me better. He was stretched out flat before me. I took the paddle and.

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