“No. It seems that you just needed to relax. Its controls are a bit more sensitive than expected. Now it’s my turn to ask the questions.”Carter ...ooked in the direction of my pussy and he seemed nervous. Not in a bad way. So I nodded, “Shoot.”“How are you feeling down there now? I know you should be feeling fine but I’m asking just in case,” Carter asked worriedly.I focused on how my clit and pussy were feeling. I was so happy I wasn’t in pain anymore I spoke without thinking, “I’m feeling kind. She smiled and lay flat massaging her tits. I explored her pussy mound and rubbed clitoris several time. I wanted to get into the depth of cunt through two fingers. When satisfied I inserted my cunt first two inches then slowly three, four and five inches. Each time I withdrew and smashed harder than the previous strike. Finally, I buried my hot cock all the way. Minu was shivering and crying like a wounded cat.Sahib, I’m coming….oooh.uuuieee…mmaa.choddooooo khub jor jor se…paani nikal. ‘Damn,’ he muttered, but didn’t strike back. Tom had came forward to grab him, should he go for a hit himself. The fight was ended then and there, when the aggressor slapped Joey, she feared for the worst. ‘It’d be best if you left,’ said a female voice from behind Joey. He turned, and saw the woman who’d spoken. ‘It’d probably be easier if you let go of her,’ suggested Ali. ‘Yeah, probably would,’ said Joey, letting go. Ali was the only woman who could fluster Joey in any way. Something about. He sat in bed, propped up against the headboard, naked from the waist up with the bed sheets folded back to cover only his feet. He tried not to think about how sexy his wife was. If he did, he'd have to tell her. She'd get excited and then he'd have to fuck her. But it was too damn hot for fucking. He thumbed through the novel he'd been trying to get into, decided it wasn't worth any more of his attention and put it on the bedside table. He glanced at the clock. It had just gone ten. He picked.

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