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I did manage to go swimming in the pool on my own once, and I made use of the water jet again. It's a very lazy way of having an orgasm. I tried to ex...eriment a bit, and tried to get the jet to fill me up, but I couldn't manage it. I decided that the pressure wasn't great enough to force its way in.When we got back to our room, we stripped off (as usual) and sat on the side of my bed, looking out of the patio doors, talking. After a while, we lay back with out feet still on the floor, still. "I never wanted him to pay the rent. The only thing I wanted is for us to live together, like a couple. In good and in bad times. It saddened me even more that he felt the need to pay for anything. This was never, ever, an issue.That night I've spent in his bed, hugging his pillow and smelling his shirt.The next day I've decided to turn my phone on again only to find a shitload of messages and notifications from Hassan. It is bitchy to say, but I really couldn't care less. I know many of you. I closed my eyes and started stroking and must have been going for a good 5 minutes before i heard voice. It was a man who looked to be in his early fifties with a walking stick, clearly just out for a walk he'd come down the footpath at the perfect angle to see me, naked and masturbating."Hello there" He shouted. "Don't stop on my account" I realised i had taken my hand off my cock and was staring at the floor, i raised my hand and started stroking myself again while he walked over to me. He. Of course I will be expected to confine my stud services to only my wives after tonight, at least until after I have produced an heir. But with the average number of wives being five and sometimes six I can't see how that could be considered a sacrifice!Reluctantly I broke our kiss and brought my lips close to her ear. "I am so glad it is you," I whispered. "I prayed it would be; you have always been my favorite." I'm glad," she whispered back. "I have been dreaming of this for what seems like.

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