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He pulled out, and started rubbing his cock on my face, collecting tears on it, before he shoved it back into my mouth. I felt his hands grab my head ...nd start pushing, then his cock pressed on the back of my mouth, making me gag on his cock. He just kept pushing however, and eventually he popped into my throat with a grunt. He forced his his forward until my nose was in his prickly pube hairs, then he just contentedly waited. I couldnt breathe, but I didnt have enough air to struggle, so I. She let the clamps snap on each nipple as he yelled at sudden shock of pain but she knew his cock was getting harder. Kept rubbing her pussy against him while playing with the clamps. She could feel him move under her naked body just like taking a pussy. She was hot and breathing hard when she stood up. Her cheeks were flush as she looked down on him spread open, taking the leather belt she brought it down hard across his ass. Smackkkkkkkkkk the sound send shivers thru her body as he jerked his. Chanitra was there with two girlfriends, and looked younger than ever, though also delectable. Her hair was done in long, thin braids, studded with colored beads. It framed her enchanting young face, and Laura felt heart pangs just looking at her.Chanitra wore white pants so tight that you could see nearly everything, and Laura could see she wasn't wearing any panties now, either. On top she wore a red midriff blouse, exposing her delicious black satin tummy."Hi, Laura," she said, with. “Ugh, ugh, ugh. Fuck yes. Yes. YES!” she cried as today’s first flood cascaded over my cock, while my thumb was still buried in her ass. Her hands reached back and fondled my chest as she ground out her orgasm on my pelvis.Gradually her pace slowed until finally, she sat on me, my dick buried up to her stomach, while I let my thumb slip out of her anus.Climbing off me, Brooke got onto her hands and knees before turning to me.“So are you going to fuck me?”By now my heart was pounding and I.

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