"Erin has a good point," I said.She nodded. "She does, but did Michael tell you what would happen if you bound Sally to you?"I shook my head. "We didn...t get that far in our discussion about it." Then how do you or Erin know the bond you form with Sally will cause ours to break?" She looked down at her chest, my mark glancing out through the soft looking material. "We still have a bond and you're already bound to Sally. So, I seriously doubt this will make any difference."I nodded. "You're. Eddie, Brad and Kevin followed him and so did the girls and I."Hey, Erin doesn't want any drinking at her party," Frank said as he walked up to Bobby.Bobby was about three inches taller than Frank and looked like he out weighed him. Bobby looked at Frank and laughed."Tough shit, I'm not going to stay around here without a couple of drinks, and I don't plan on leaving," Bobby said, laughing along with the rest of the guys he was with."Just put the booze away, Bobby," Nancy said. "Why do you. Do you have any other ideas you would like to see?”“Well, you could always go with a sexy devil or police officer. Witches are always popular at Halloween.”“Those are good ideas Peter, now let’s get your training started.”Peter started watching the video, but stopped it when Meagan announced that she would be putting a stethoscope on his hard cock. “Oh Mrs. D. That would be such an unbelievable delight! I want to pose like that.”“Peter! You know that’s simple out of the question. Meagan can’t. "Come in, come in." They did, and we stood in the foyer for a second.Carolyn then said, "Molly said she'd like to talk to Beth alone." Sure, come on up, Molly," Beth said and led the way to her bedroom.Carolyn and I sat in the lounge room. I offered a drink, but she said no thanks. "So, what happened?"Carolyn sighed. "When I dropped off Molly at her dad's, I didn't go up to the door. I try to avoid him. But as I was pulling away after Molly went in, I saw a rough-looking bloke come out. I.

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