I knew now what they were going to do: anything they damn well felt like doing. Oh, good, I thought. I hoped that they would both fuck me at the same ...ime. I suspected that they would. The only thing that could make this better was to add another man to the team."Good, because I plan to be the first to take that hole tonight. As a matter of fact, I plan to do whatever I want to you tonight. Your Master gave me permission to do as I please tonight. We're sharing control of you tonight. Of. Maa college visayalu adigedi. Friends gurinchi adigedi. Thana college visayalu cheppedi.Nenu valla babu ki home work adi cheyinchevadini. One week tharuvatha maa babai ki tour ki vellavalasina time vachindi. Babai nannu pilichi” suryakanth nenu raavadaniki 4 leda 5 rojulu padetatlu undi , nuvvu college ki vellakapoyina parledu kani pinni ki thoduga undu ” ani cheppadu. Nenu ” sare babai ” annanu. Babai pinni ni pilichi” nenu delhi velli raavadaniki dadapu 4 , 5 rojulu pettela undi, suryakanth. But he enjoyed it . Then he lie beside me...asked me to lick my cum over his face. I licked. After one lick, he asked to stop and feed it to his mouth. So i kissed to feed him my cum....like this i whipped all my cum over his face and feeded to him. Then we both went crazy...and hugged each other ad kissed each other. I forgot i am with my servant. He acted as if he was my hubby. He slowly caressed my boobs again and i caressed his cock by hands... His manlyhood again erected to my. He enjoyed this.He sawed those two fingers in and out of my pussy until after a half a minute his hand was slamming against my vulva violently. I was aware of him, watching me, studying my reaction to this painful treatment.I cried out involuntarily in pain a couple of times when I couldn't keep it in any longer. But I didn't fight him.When he had enjoyed enough of this violent foreplay he released me and rapidly released his belt. He pushed his pants and his shorts down to mid-thigh and used a.

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