"What smells so good?" Dinner," I smiled. "I thought we could have a quiet night in."Okay, maybe not quiet, but a night in, just the two of us was wha... I really wanted. Oliver smiled a wicked smile at me. "Why Ms. Perry, I do not think you're being fully truthful with me."I tried to feign ignorance. "I have no idea what you mean Mr. Stone. Shall we eat?"We sat in the plush black chairs and enjoyed a romantic dinner of foods that are of his world. I don't know what they were called, but thanks. Fir 5 minute tak hum dono yu he ek dusare sai chipke rahe or fir mene apna lund shikha aunty ki chut sai baher nikala or vo niche jaker mere lund ko muh mai leker chusne lagi or mere lund ko apni jeebh sai achi tarah chat chat kar saf kiya or jo unka chut ka pani mere lund sai beeh kr mere tatte sai hota huya meri gand tak gya use bhi apni jeebh sai chat chat kr ache sai saath kiya jisase mera lund fir kiya or fir mene unko uper kiya or unhe mere niche or fir mai unke hotho ko chumte huye niche. I tried to remain quiet and not move, but I'm sure my boredom showed. Phelps finally decided to take a break. I slipped the black dress over my body but didn't put my underwear or bra back."So are you tired?" he asked."To be honest I'm bored more than anything," I replied."Well since sex is out of the question, what would you like to do?" he asked."Actually it is getting late, I probably should be leaving," I said."Even if we can't have sex, you could spend the night. I'm a first rate cuddler,". Rachel Smythe James -- Former physics teacher, olive skin tone, 5’ 10”, slim, Army Brat. Sponsor-wife in family. Harem’s tactical commander.Cathleen Cassidy James -- 25 years old, nurse, long red hair, green eyes, paper white skin, curvy, 5’ 4”. Sponsor-wife in Michael’s family.The Good Ship Lollipop (aka T’Kuudshpp, aka Lollipop, aka Lolli) - Cube ship assigned to Tuull sponsored colony. T’Kuudshpp transferred from former ship, K’treel Explorer AGX026.Helva -- K’treel Explorer AGX026T’Krandit.

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