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I told Bobby he could put his feet up on the front seat armrest if he wanted to. I was hoping he would – I wanted to see his pretty boy feet! He o...liged me and put his cute feet up on the armrest. I smiled and we had a nice chat about various things as we drove to the nature preserve. It was about a 25 minute drive and I enjoyed the easy banter with the kids. They seemed very relaxed and happy.Susie then asked me what I meant when I told her yesterday that our hike was going to be another. I mean, that was going to be my job regardless, right?" Well the thing of it is, to put it bluntly, you already have an erection."He looked down. His pants were tenting something fierce. He blushed."Right, um, that'll go down in a sec. Just need a minute." Of course." she said.She pressed a button on an intercom and told the driver to head out. The two sat in awkward silence."So..." she said."So..." he replied."Hell of a start to our first date, huh?" she asked. "Bet you didn't expect to see. After all, the speech he gave was the one his manager made him memorize. “Sorry, did you miss the part where I won the tournament?!” Ken replied, anger boiling through his voice yet the smile returning to his face. He was panting in disbelief. “Right now, I don’t give a shit about brand, but the winne-”“Well, that’s just it, Kenneth. You don’t care about your brand.” Christopher continued. “You do understand that the contract you signed states that…”Ken tuned him out and turned to his coach,. I get my breathing under control. You continue undressing me, whispering in my ear. “Get on the bed.” I comply instantly; I don't want to keep you waiting. You say, “Lie on your back.” As I crawl seductively on the bed, I know I will get my ass slapped for teasing. This is your game, but it’s all about my pleasure. That is ultimately what you care about. You smack me again. Whack! Whack! Just two light smacks. It’s just a warning. I gasp and almost cum again. You grab my hips, grounding me..

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