. well, I think we both *did* want to be. We just wouldn’t admit it. So one day, we are hanging out in his bedroom, jerking each other off, and Jeff...said he was gonna cum. I couldn’t take it, I was so excited myself, and instead of the way we were doing it, I aimed his dick right at my cock and balls. It was too late for him to stop or do anything, and Jeff shot a big load right on my bare cock and down my balls, dripping between my legs. His eyes got really wide when he realized what we just. With the sounds of my torment ringing in my ears, the dampness was clinging to my eyes underneath the bandage. I was determined not to signal him. I would prove to him that I’m not weak. He dropped the flogger, the weight of it lying across my chest.“Did that hurt, Slut? Good.”Covering both my nose and mouth, I lay there, unable to breathe. His hand gripping me roughly. Three fast hard smacks to my cunt. I grunt as the rest of the air leaves my lungs. Panic filling my oxygen-depleted mind. He. Stockings, more panties, a couple of naughty little garter belts, acouple of nighties and a beautiful long nightgown. Just for fun, sheshowed me a couple of sheer bras. I had nothing in the chest department,but these were no more than sheer little triangles of fabric with straps.I got one in white, black, and red. Ellen suggested that I look at somecasual outerwear, and we found some jeans with pretty stitching andcolorful trim at the cuffs that were obviously for a girl and. As we worked each other out, the clothes began to come off. I bent down to suck on her rather large and engored clit, and as I did this, she turned around and wanted licked from behind. As she did this, I bent back down and winked at my bud through the GH (Jen’s arms were up against the wall as she bent over in front of the hole, so he could see her small tits hanging down and her pussy, but she couldn’t see him). I could see him stroking hard. I was afraid at this point he might try to touch.

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