A world of only two people. They danced for what seemed like hours and they finally noticed there was a chill in the air. ‘Hana, we should go insi...es. It’s getting a bit chilly out here.’ ‘Sure, so what’s the plan now?’ ‘Hmmm…I think I owe someone a massage.’ ‘Ah, you remembered.’ ‘Of course I did! Shall we?’ he said as he took her hand and led her to his bedroom. ‘Why of course.’ She said as she let him lead her to his room. She lay there on her back as he lit a few candles around the. Months passed by I just used to see her and tried to feel her whenever possible I made sure that we won the contest and also made sure that from our region only we both qualify.In the month of May the results were announced as expected I ensured only we both qualified destination was Singapore and we were supposed to leave in the next week.Kiran was extremely excited and I was over the moon as I would get 7 days with her alone and a chance to make my dream a reality so we left for Singapore the. " Reality wipes?" You know: 'I wish I'd been born a girl.' We've got the easy part,making the gender change happen. But the Timestream folks have toreadjust everything. Then Memory Calibration gets involved so everyoneremembers the person in their new gender. Those things are a hugehassle coordinating everything across Departments."They arrived at a new section. "Ah! And here we have BehaviorModification." You mean like changing peoples' memories?" No, that's what the Department of Memory. Amra ekta jaigai tabur moto khatiye pase ranna korte boslam. Asepase charidik hoichoi cholche.Onek lok,chele-meye.Bapok enjoy korchilam amra. Okhane onek meye eschilo.Amra sobai j jar sathe line marchilam.Keui bose chilo na jodio.Choto theke buro sobai ei kajei lege chilo.Ami ekjon k peyechilam sotti bolte darun legeche.Erokom vabe j hobe ami vabtei parini. Ami tokhon ranna te hat lagiyechi baki gulo gechilo kath ante keu keu bose bose sobji katchilo keu dhuchiilo. Sei somoi dekhlam pase onek.

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