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Juli had never been much interested in a tan before, but she spent enough time naked outside now since meeting Nikki and Joe that she had a nice all-o...er tan going. She likes it, especially the no tan lines. It was a constant reminder of her new look at life.“Nikki, you’ve been so encouraging and patient in leading into new sexual situations and expanding my mind accept new situations and activity I would never have allowed before. I am extremely grateful and you know Harry is too. I want to be. In fact, he and Ellen got closer as winter went on. They ate together in the cafeteria and walked together in the halls, ignoring and sometimes laughing at those who still shook their heads in disbelief. On weekends they were inseparable. They saw movies together (‘Thunderball’ and ‘Doctor ‘Zhivago’ among them), spent time over each other’s houses and, as Cole once did with Kayla, cruised up and down the strip in Cole’s GTO. The only thing they didn’t do was what they did on New Year’s Eve: go. She bent back down to put the movie back and stayed bent over and told me “what do you think about this one” she stayed like that as I was face to face with he now and she almost no sound asked me if he was looking. My only word was yup! She smiled and straitened up in a slow and very sexy way. The mans jaw wide open. Around the corner she asked me if I liked that and I told her he’ll yes I did. Seeing a bathroom sign I told her I dared her to do it again to another guy but before she did to go. One fell victim to cancer while she still considered herself in her prime, but it got to the point where she refused to look directly at herself in the mirror when she bathed or changed.She was looking now. They were even bigger than she’d asked for (shame on you, Mr. Childers!), but it only took a few moments of sizing up her nude form that she realized they suited this new body to a T. Her waist had never been so narrow, even as a teen, and her legs never so long. And she’d certainly never.

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