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She realized how great she looked as she dressed this morning before she pulled on the so very unsexy geek squad stuff. It was the story of her life�...�dripping hot cunt under the professional veneer. She walked into the hotel room and she could see the grin on Jake’s face as he appreciated the irony of her costume but also the disappointment on his friend’s face. She smiled to herself as she knew he wouldn’t be disappointed long. She excused herself to go to the bathroom while Scott. I'm sure the true purpose of the outing was to christen the rear seat. I told you that Kelly was a little kinky that way. Personally I was well past all that childish stuff and much prefer a nice comfortable bed. But sometimes you have to bow to the inevitable where the little lady is concerned.Anyway a few weeks later the insurance company finally paid out, and as far as I was concerned, that was the end of the matter.A couple of months passed and the time for my annual golf tour came up. One. I say "What have you been doing this whole time!? You were supposed to be working on this after your class today so we could have some together time." She replies, "Well I was online doing research on sexual relationships for my Human Sexuality course and part of the class requires us to watch an erotica movie and do a paper on it. I started my research and found a movie that I believed I could do my paper on and before I knew it, I could not help but to touch myself. This one woman was getting. They were a tall, golden skinned people. Then they were almost all wiped out in one of the many cataclysms that seemed to happen whenever they started to expand."Mark added, "Let's first eat, then Teacher will show us the beginnings of our ancestry; this includes both lineages, both the Pures and the Mongrels." He looked across the table at Rachel and Hank"Neither Melissa nor I have seen what we shall all be shown after we eat."Mark, we need to discuss these other enemies I got a hint about."He.

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