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Lil still managed to come up with a few interesting bedroom surprises.In fact, seeing Lil breast feeding our baby made me horny every time. WhenJilli...n was just an infant she stayed in our room and was none the wiserwhen we screwed around. We just kept it down a bit so we didn't wake her.When she was old enough to have her own room we still found the time to makelove behind closed doors, and like I said we just weren't as vocal. Whenshe started school and I didn't have to be at work until. I picked her ass up and she helped me to slide my cock into her ass. She put her legs on my shoulders and started to talk dirty to me as I fucked her ass. “Fuck my slut ass, treat me like a whore, fuck me, fuck my ass, stick that hard cock up my ass and fuck my tight ass, give me your hard cock, fuck me, fuck me like a slut, cum in my mouth, cum on my tits, I want your hard cock in my ass, I want your cum all over me, treat me like a slut, treat me like a whore.”It didn’t take long for me to. The clock on my dresser chimes eleven, six hours before my husband returns and five before Hannah, 'Take my denims down and smell my cunt', I order him, it's too late to go back, I am too fired up and horny as I push my hips towards his young face, my hands now holding his head in front of my crotch.I can feel his fingers toying with the buttons on my denims, no zipper just steel buttons, I like them, feeling each one pop open teasingly and as his hand moves down to the last of six, his. Just don’t get any nose blood in it.”I smiled. I pinched my nose with the napkins and drank some water. The tip of the cup tasted like Robbie’s mouth: beef, unbrushed teeth, hot weather, bacteria. I held eye contact with Robbie while I did this. He blushed. He was getting nervous. I wondered if he knew what was going on and if he had a boner. I thought, probably not.After I was done drinking Robbie’s water I handed it back to him. I bit my lip.“Do you wanna go outside and fuck?” The words came.

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