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I am sure when he learns of our concern he will do all he can to help you in this matter" Kingsley promised,"Good" replied Luna. "I will wait to hear ...rom you, minister."Dudley Dursley could not sleep. His mind kept worrying away at the problems he was facing at work and in his private life. He suspected he was facing an ongoing investigation that indicated a serial killer was at work. If this proved to be so, it would become a high profile case with ever increasing press publicity.This meant. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. My heart raced. My mind stopped oscillating. I held her hand and she turned back, portraying a flabbergasted look on her face. I pulled her in my arms, kissed her , harder this time, trying to seize the moment. She responded well. Very gently, i carried her to the bed.Her hypnotizing eyes, her sleek and long hair, her lecherous lips, bought the beast out of me. The hysteria in the air turned us on. In a flash, i went on top of her. I kissed her. “What else have you done?” “Well…” Emily continued, clearly unsure on whether or not to tell her sister. “Can I trust you not to tell mom? Or anyone, for that matter?” she asked. “Of course, assuming you don’t tell anybody about what you just saw,” Rebecca replied. “Okay, it’s a deal,” Emily agreed. That was a load off of Rebecca’s mind. “I haven’t gone all the way yet…but I’ve done just about everything leading up to it. I even let Billy Washington put his cock in my butt and ass-fuck. Paraphilia:- The love of having sex with members of her Majesty's Parachute Regiment. 92. Crush fetish:- getting turned on by pouring Fizzy orange drinks over people in a confined space. 91. Harpaxophilia:- getting aroused whilst watching Marx brothers films. 90. Thatcherism:- Getting turned on by the sight of ladies handbags 89. Wikipedism:- The sandbox's not just for testing, you know. 88. Uncyclophila:- This causes one to use Unyclopedia 24/7 and want to have sex with an admin 87..

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