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Who knows why their cocks are hard? Maybe they're gay. Maybe they're excited because they're fighting in front of women. There was just something stra...gely erotic about that mural - especially in a women-only sex fight club.That's when it occurred to me why I accepted this fight. The money was reason enough, but that wasn't the real reason. The real reason was that living on the wild side was too exciting to deny. My fear was escalating, but so was my arousal.We got to the ring and there was. .couldn't you just think of me as a girl?” “Cathy, what I was going to ask you was why did you stop dating?” Cathy twisted around toward me and placed her arm around my chest. “I stopped because I never found a man that could satisfy me in bed. I always felt as if they were using my pussy to masturbate with. They would get hard, slam it in me, shoot off inside me, and then roll off me leaving me to get myself off. I just got tired of having men get their rocks off with me and not give a damn. Our love life had always been good but now we were pushing new boundaries with role playing, light bondage and new toys. Tonight we were going to the Dinner Club for the second time, and this time we both knew what the night might hold. Chloe was preparing herself for the evening. She had showered, shaved and was putting on the new underwear bought for the evening. A classy set black set from Coco de Mer with French knickers and balconette bra that uplifted and supported her breasts. .." How did it feel?" I hate to say it..." No judgments..." I liked it," I mumbled."Go with it. Why?" I like the feel of the fabric. I like the way it swirls when Iturn. I like the way it makes my legs look, when I wear it withheels." I started to whimper. "I am a basket case, Julia." "Why do you think that?" I don't know. Because I like the way the dress feels. Because Ilike this outfit. Because I'm wearing Jimmy Choo booties. Jimmy.Choo. Booties. Do you understand?" Keep going. Why do you.

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