Jenny turned and our eyes met. I watched as a large loving smile spreadacross her face as I stared at her. What was funny was the voice frombehind m.... "You two seem to share something special." Jamie said to me.Without breaking eye contact with Jenny, I answered my new friend withthe only answer I knew. "She is my soulmate" I finally turned to seeNikki and Jamie sitting there with large smiles on their face. "We knowthe feeling." Nikki said. I began giggling "Is it that obvious?" I. Jodi spun around and tried to push him off. Rick had hidden a live camera feed in her bedroom and was planning to watch later. Jodi pushed Jack away and said "No we cant do this anymore. You're my son's friend". Jack laughed "Its ok he's fucking clueless, he ain't gonna find out" he said pulling Jodi close to him. Again Jodi pushed him away and said "No we can't it's not right. Im betraying my son by doing this". "What he doesn't know can't hurt him. Cmon you know you've enjoyed our time. I wondered how could any girl get into bed with such an arrogant guy who thought nothing of her? Romantic? I thought he was abhorrent. I conveniently overlooked my encounter with Ted in the dark elevator. Well, our prejudices always prevail over our fair judgment.All said and done, I was really stuck at that time. I needed his help badly. I felt frustrated at his intransigence. I didn't know what to do. One of Ted’s assistants learned of my problems and frustration and came to me. We had a bit. I was enjoying and then I unloaded it in Seema’s mouth.We were all tiered but were on bed I was in middle and both sexy ladies on me.I was massaging their boobs. The next session began. Ritu gave good blow job and my cock was very hard. I was sucking seema’s cunt and my tongue was almost in her pussy. Ritu positioned her pussy on my tool and in second my tool was in her pussy. I was sucking and she was fucking me. She must have fucked me for 15mins. I was enjoying Seema. After some time we.

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