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Mitch’s mind was swirling; he wasn’t sure if he was supposed to cum in her mouth or pull out. Janine was in complete control, and right now, he wa... way too close to care. Mitch’s body tensed, and he thrust his hips forward as the first rivulet of sperm exited his cock, causing him to emit a low moan. He expected Janine to raise her head off his cock and expel his cum, but she sucked him deeper into her mouth. Feeling this, he placed his hand on the back of her head and pressed his cock deeper. He was such a sweet boy.So by the third night after my medicine kicked in, my sex cravings were back, and I wanted to return my son a favor for caring for me. We fucked like crazy after dinner, and I was definitely fucking his brains out when I was on top of him taking charge. But his dick was really improving, cumming later and later, and getting me to cum sooner.We fucked almost every night and he slept in my bed the whole time when my husband was on his trip. There was even one night when my. Go ahead Eagle One – Adam’s voice came in clear.I forgot to tell Eagle Nest to get me military clearance all the way to DC, will you make sure that’s done?Flip the rocker switch on your transmitter, you’ll be on military frequency and General Langston’s men will monitor all your calls... I flipped the switch while Adam was still talking, and gave my call sign.Eagle One to Eagle Nest.Go ahead Eagle One, the general is listening.I need flight clearance all the way, I’ll be there in minutes.We’ll. Rapidly he was plundering her pussy with his hand, her juices flowing freely now covering her legs, his face and the couch cushion. In his haste Ernie pulled his fingers out completely and on his way back in missed his target and slid one greased finger into her anus. Jackie cried out in surprise but when he tried to remove his finger she stopped his hand. In her aroused state, the slippery finger did not hurt, it just felt full in a different way. Never having experienced any anal play before.

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