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Sneha: Wow, Arjun? Is that you? Omg! I can’t believe how much you changed!Me: Haha. Yeah, I know and everybody says the same. So what you doing? Sti...l teaching?Sneha: Yes, got 1 month break. What about you? Doing PG?Me: Haha. You didn’t know? I joined the army an year ago.Sneha: What? That’s awesome!! So you are following the footpath of your dad, huh?Me: You could say that.Sneha: Look, I would like to talk but I got to go. There are some guests in my house. I will text you on Facebook.Me:. She called just yesterday and when I opened the door quickly stepped in saying close the door hurry they want more pussy. She always wears sexy short shorts and has a body to kill for, on this day she said as I calmed her down and she tucked her beautiful breasts back into her tank top started telling her story as she guided me down to start my tasty job. She said they got me right outside man handling me sucking my breasts and rubbing their big cocks against my legs, She said they were some. Philippa giggled. "Being a boy is so boring it looks like Kate was rightto become a girl!" she said. "So I decided to borrow one of her babydolldresses as I guess we will be sharing clothes a lot more now."Philippa didn't have the same feelings about wanting to be a boy as I didabout wanting to be a girl. I guess for some people trying on clothes ofthe opposite gender once or twice is enough and whilst my sister had beenkeen to experiment with the experience of being a boy she had. Alex has bleached blonde hair, green-grey eyes and a tightly muscled body. He was wearing a pair of jeans that didn’t quite fit and they kept slipping down, showing off his trunks clinging to his perfect bum. I have had a crush on Alex since the first day I saw him in the common room but I’d never had the courage to ask him out. I’m a brunette and he’s well known for being a sucker for blondes. All of his girlfriends have been tall, gorgeous types and all five foot four inches of me was.

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