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In typical fashion Iprocrastinated all week. When Friday finally came I blocked off mycalendar and worked on it all day. I only left my cubical for th...necessities. My email reminder pops up telling me of my 15 minutesbefore my meeting. Collecting my things, I head to my managersoffice. Looking around, the office was pretty sparse. Many peopleleft early to pre-game before the holiday party. So focused oncompleting my self-assessment, I didn’t even notice.With my manager’s desk facing the door,. "See, nothing at all from the home world, the FSP or," hiscomment stopped. "What were the names of the shuttles used at landing?" No this can't be right, this is fifty-nine years after landing, and theShuttles name is Erica of the Amherst." What?" gasped everyone else in the room."They are even reported as landing at two separate locations." Where?" Landing, and, and then here." So, they knew that we were still here and living after the first passand did nothing to help?" asked K'lar."Now that. I said to come in - I was sitting in one of the low black leather armchairs in my study and tried to relax. He was holding his backpack - as usual dressed in just a tee shirt and light blue jeans, He gave me one of his brilliant smiles."Sorry I'm late professor."I felt my cock stirring and checked that my suit jacket would conceal my inevitable erection. I smiled and tried to concentrate on only looking at his face. As often before - the thought crossed my mind of what it would be like to have. The rest of the week passed uneventfully, albeit with many interestinglittle episodes, and with the weekend approaching Tony was looking forwardto a chance to relax with his beloved aunt.Friday evening soon came around and Ms Gold and her girls closed the shopuntil Monday.Aunt Sybil had to go out that day so it was arranged that Ms Gold woulddrop Tony off at home so that he could prepare supper for when his auntcame in. Turning the key in the front door, Tony called out to his auntbut there was.

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