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He called the concierge desk to inquire about the water taxi over to Hamilton and was told that the next one left in an hour. Not wishing to deal with the love birds this day; Jeff took his small bag and went to the bar where he had first seen Kat. He sat at the bar watching couples dance when a familiar voice said, “Hey sailor, buy you a drink?” Sure enough, it was Kat! She wore casual but stylish clothing and a small beaded necklace looked stunning. “Why I would love to have a drink. " Gina put her now large arm on Chuck's shoulder. "Let's try not to be socrude and sexist, okay?" "Sorry, ma'am," said Chuck. "Sir. Whatever." They were all having noun andpronoun trouble."This'll be fun, Chris!" insisted Kelly. "I can dress you up in all myfavorite outfits! You'll be like a Barbie doll!" That's not helping, Kelly," sighed Chris. He looked around at hisclassmates, all of them radically changed in some way, and sighed. "Whatthe hell. My daddy didn't raise a quitter." He paused. Hurts like hell but the result is usually wonderful.”“Yeah. You keep thinking like that.”“So, how many people went to the New Earth?”“About two million.”“Is that all?”“There weren’t many left after the wars, and out of those who were around, many didn’t pass the screening. Mick, after the Genetics War, we needed to leave the altered people back on Old Earth. There was a very strict screening process. Both physical and psychological aspects were screened. They weeded out the violent and the. For one thing, there's a lot of fine, kind of curly hair down there, a bunch right around the top, and some along the sides of the slit, what I think they call the labia. I checked to see how far down the hair goes, and it doesn't go anywhere near my rear end, at least not yet. It felt kind of nice checking (giggle).But wait, there's more! like they say on the commercials. All around my slit, what the boys at school call a pussy, and my class called a vagina (I haven't decided what I'll call it.

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